Business Description

Nature Gifts’ 5 business verticals - Towards Carbon-Neutrality

① Bioplastics Business (Environmentally-friendly Biomaterials)

  • Manufacturing of CNF reinforced biomass plastic (bio{CNF}/biomaterials) (including bio-PE, PLA, PSB, and more)
  • Promoting efficient resource use through material recycling.

② Standard Materials (standard grade CNF material, masterbatch) : Please refer to list of standard grade materials

  • Reinforced polymer versions of common plastics
    (standard grade products, customized products, prototypes, and more)

③ Custom Materials (contracted manufacturing of CNF material for bespoke specifications)

  • Contact Nature Gifts to commission tshe production of CNF reinforced polymers

④ Development of proprietary technology (new products, manufacturing methods, cost reduction, and more)

  • Propose functional properties using coloring technology 
  • Cellulose Material R&D

⑤ Collaboration with manufacturers of paper, chemical, and parts

List of standard grade materials (containing 10 wt% hydrophobized pulp)

1.For high heat resistance: CNF Reinforced PA6 (Nylon 6)


Density:1.15-1.20g/cm3, E:4.5-5GPa,  Bending Strength:150-160MPa,  Charpy:2-4kJ/m2, CTE: 30-40ppm/K

2.General-use plastics for automobiles, home appliances, and construction material:CNF Reinforced PP (Polypropylene)


① High Elasticity
   Density:0.95-1.1g/cm3, E:4.0-4.5GPa,  Bending Strength:80-90MPa,  Charpy:2-4kJ/m2, CTE 40-50ppm/K

② Standard Grade
  Density:0.95-1.05g/cm3, E:3.0-3.5GPa, Bending Strength:70-80MPa,  Charpy:2-4kJ/m 2, CTE 40-50ppm/K

③ Shock Resistant & Low Thermal Expansion Grade
   Density:1.0-1.1g/cm3, E:1.6-1.8GPa, Bending Strength:30-40MPa,  Charpy:7-10kJ/m2, CTE 30-40ppm/K

3.Low GHG Material & Bioeconomy: CNF Bio-PE (Polyethylene) High Elasticity


Density:1.15-1.20g/ cm3,E:4.5-5GPa, Bending Strength:150-160Mpa,Charpy:2-4kJ/m2,CTE 30-40ppm/K